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Shoring & Load-bearing System

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Shoring & Load-bearing System

It is a system that guarantees safe load support when constructing high-loaded concrete structures and provides optimal construction and safety for construction fields such as building construction, box culverts, tunnels and large cross beams.


· SIMPLE : very easy assembling and setting with just a few components.
· SPEED : fast working cycle with setting and resetting in-one-time.
· SAFETY : high standard of safety with high load-bearing and built-in safety system.


HAEGANG Truss System

HT100 is Modular Truss System for long-span heavy load support. HT100 makes it possible to maintain precise alignment with long span structures.

Shoring & Load-bearing System

Cantilever System

Cantilever system is applied for cantilevered parapets and edge beams in bridge superstructures.

Shoring & Load-bearing System

Moving Box Culvert System

It is a system that can be applied to various types of tunnels, Box culvert, electric power culvert, underground roads. The formwork system and supporting-unit forming the wall and slab can be assembled together so that the whole system can be set up and launched easily, thus shortening construction period and having high workability.

Shoring & Load-bearing System

Soldier Frame Support System

Solider Frame Support System makes it possible to pour very high single-sided walls in one continuous pouring without installing a form tie system. Maximum concrete pouring height is 12m.

Shoring & Load-bearing System

System Support

Modular System Support for load bearing.
It is lightweight support that can be assembled on the ground by manpower and can be applied to various architectural and civil engineering structures.

Shoring & Load-bearing System


Modular Steel Bent for heavy load bearing. Due to HAEGANG’s efficient design and heavy load capacity of the bent, it provides the best stability in civil engineering fields such as thick slab, tunnel, bridge box girder.