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Climbing System

HAEGANG’s modular climbing system is optimized for the construction of various high-rise structures. In particular,
HACS(HAEGANG Auto-Climbing System) is a system optimized for pylon construction of special long span bridge like a cable-stayed bridge, suspension bridge. And the core structure of skyscrapers. HACS has excellent workability, high safety and high cost effectiveness.


· SIMPLE : high cost effectiveness and easy handling.
· SPEED : fast construction workflow cycle.
· SAFETY : high standard of safety on high-rise construction.


HACS (HAEGANG Auto-Climbing System)

HAEGANG is the only self-climbing formwork system that succeeded in development for the first time in Korea through the unique technology and R&D. HACS can automatically lift all systems simultaneously without a crane. In addition, HACS can successfully build high-rise structures of various shapes and heights.

· Application field : Skyscrapers, Apartment, Pylon, Chimney, Silo, Caisson


Model G10 is the cutting-edge automatic climbing system that has the best performance, the best safety and the best efficiency. With HAEGANG’s advanced automatic lifting technology, it can be applied to any high-rise structure without any height limitation.


Model G7 is an economical automatic climbing system that can be applied to high rise buildings such as apartments, buildings.

Catwalk System

HAEGANG is a system with original technology patent.
– Cost-effectiveness : Workers can move through the catwalk between the Pylon legs or the Piers without additional elevators.
– Speed : Reduction of construction period by optimizing movement of workers.
– Safety : Automatically climbing without dismantling and re-installation when constructing high-rise structures.


HAPS (HAEGANG Auto-Profile Climbing System)

HAPS is HAEGANG’s original technology patented system.
Recently, according to the structure design trend that emphasizes the beauty and the symbolism as the land mark, the demand of customers who want to construct curved and steep pylons safely and economically is getting bigger and bigger.
HAPS is a formwork system that can be lifted automatically and independently without installing shoring like steel bent and support when constructing steep slopes and curved concrete structures. It ensures shortening of construction period, cost reduction and best stability.


NCS (Normal Climbing System)

Normal Climbing System (NCS) is the crane-jumped formwork for structures of any shape and inclination. And NCS permits controlled, regular working cycles on all tall structures. It is extremely easy to set up, and can be tailored to meet a wide range of different requirements for various shapes and vertical or inclined structures.


HG2400 is a high-load-bearing climbing bracket system that is used to construct the widest range of structures in NCS. It also provides a wide working platform and is suitable for construction of high tall structures, DAM, retaining walls and single sided walls in a regular work cycle.


DS1800 is economical model for high-load DAM bracket system.


CB2400 is a lightweight bracket system optimized for vertical concrete structures such as piers and walls.

Shaft Platform

Shaft Platform

Shaft platforms permit quick and easy repositioning in just one crane cycle. This makes them a cost-effective system for forming inside-shafts such as elevator shaft.


GCS (Guide Rail Climbing System)

GCS can be applied to buildings such as apartment buildings and shopping malls. It can be lifted by a crane, and the guide rail prevents the system from escaping from the lifting path during lifting, thus enabling safe lifting.